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>> In Tales from the Red Pump, Thomas Wayne King combines his considerable skills as a writer, storyteller, and historian in ways that are interesting, informative, and moving. An example of the latter (in his tale Best of Show, pages 30-34) has to do with the large toad that escapes the rotary blades of his power lawn mower on their forested property, and becomes a cherished pet of his then four- and six-year-old sons. I won't spoil the fun and poignancy of the Tubby Toad story, but there is a much larger meaning to it.  Thomas writes "We learned how even the humble and mundane, with imagination and love, can indeed become Best of Show." Above all, Thomas Wayne King is a teacher. As he writes about his family history, he will challenge you to learn, and to teach others. We would do well to follow his inspiring example.     
- Jo Stewart, author and educator,  Solon Springs, WI

>> Tales from the Red Pump is an inspiration to write one's own family history... It is the emotion, work, laughter and daily living that bring the reader into this family, while recounting one's own personal history. 
- Michael & Carol D., Cloquet, MN

>> Thank you so much for such a wonderful program... - it was truly terrific!  I really appreciate you sharing your message with the museum "family"!
- S.B., Northwestern WI

>> A book of short stories inspired by the King family’s deep roots in northern Wisconsin. It is a feel-good, quick read about finding joy in each day.  Tales from the Red Pump is chock-full of a family’s life defining moments.  
- Pat Pluntz, arts administrator, Superior, WI

>> We had great feedback on your lecture.  Thank You!
- M.L.G., Northwestern WI

>> Great presentation... Very thought provoking!
- B.F., Superior, WI

>> That was GREAT!
- L.M.,
Twin Ports Area

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