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From that first day at about age eight, when Thomas picked up his Norwegian grandmother's antique bowl-shaped mandolin, he began to explore the notes and experiment with new music. He learned enough skills with piano, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, electric bass, upright bass, and recorder in his childhood and early teen years to express some of the inner music always running in his mind. He has refined his abilities with those tools,  plus with his voice and his writer's mind, to make new lyrics and music all his life.  Debra, Thomas' wife, is collaborator, co-author, and best critic and editor of this new Northland-inspired music. Her work is invaluable in making their music become real for performances and recordings.  

Thomas and Debra King inspire, entertain, and teach all ages through the medium of their original music of the Northland.  Look for their newest music collections of unique songs and instrumental music.  

Songs, instrumentals and rabbit raps for families and children. 
$15 ppd/tax included

1.   Sonja Snow Dog Loves the Snow!

2.   St. Croix Summer
3.   Debbi's Little Sheet
4.   Castle Danger Rocks
5.   Bunny Folk
6.   Blacktop Boogie/Grandma's Grind
7.   Carlton Chicken Swap
8.   Hockey Hopper, Hockey Rabbit
9.   Many Horizons
10. Bunny in the Tub
11. Somebody... Some Puppy?
12. Winter Magic

Homegrown Instrumentals
$15 ppd/tax included

1.  Many Horizons
2.  Blacktop Boogie/Grandma's Grind
3.  A Lasting Love So Rare
4.  Winter Magic

5.  My Strength You Are
6.  Castle Danger Rocks              
7.  Love Took Over My Life
8.  Walkin' in the Waves 
9.  Many Horizons - musette

10.  St. Croix Summer   

Adult folk music... and more. 
$15 ppd/tax included

1.   Down Deggerman Road
2.   They Run!
3.   Many Horizons 2010
4.   So Quickly Gone
5.   Writers' Wrap
6.   Chocoholist
7.   (I found lovin' at) Carlton Chicken Swap
8.   Dirt Nap
9.   Lightening Girl
10. Winter Magic

40 chapter audio book, read by the author. 
Four CDs, plus bonus music.
 Available December 2010      

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