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Thomas Wayne King

Tales from the Red Pump
130 Years of Northland Wisconsin Family Adventures

Copyright 2009 Thomas Wayne King. All Rights Reserved. ISBN 978-0-578-04214-5. 162 pages.

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Thomas Wayne King recounts real stories from over 130 years of Northland Lake Superior region adventures, joys, and challenges.  His varied and detailed, wide-ranging tales teach, and provide glimpses of human and natural history in our changing northern environment. History is often told best in the small, simple stories.  These forty Tales from the Red Pump tell of daily Northland life.  Nothing grandiose at all, just life.  Tales collected here recall glimpses of family and natural history, as well as views of our changing northwestern Wisconsin environment over more than 130 years of transition, from around 1880 to present.  Each story can stand alone, or may be understood as part of a more comprehensive, detailed record of true northern rural Wisconsin life, family events, and our natural world.  Tales from the Red Pump may be read in any order. 

Tales in this first of the three-book series include:

[cover thumbnail]Red Pump Beginnings
If You Had Just One Day
Blue Moon, Ricky Raccoon, and UNO
A Smart Dog
To Check the Trail
Adam's Elephant
Skateboarding to Retirement
Hankadookadee and the Worm Bus
Puppy Days Are Here Again
For Molly
Do Over
Best of Show
Voyageur Victor
Land of Giants
Explorations in the Park
Growing up with Pines
Giants through Adult Eyes
Lyla and Sid...those other relatives
What Party Was That?
On By
Modern Metis: Man in the Middle
Madeline's Moccasins
Thanks...for the Failure
Winter Love
So Whose Land Is It?
Sounds Like Spring
Moccasin Mike Road, Melba, and MacGyver
Karen's Swing
Blueberry Moose
Children of a Lesser Doc
Ice Lemon
Grandpa Gideon's Walk
Ramblings on Our Rocks
Donut Dog Dumps Canoe
Toasted Science
Paradise Lost...and Found
Red Pump Backstories and Cast
Red Pump Resources and References
Red Pump Timeline

Audio book Tales from the Red Pump, Volume 1
Available December 2010  Read by the author.
Forty chapters, plus bonus original instrumental music.

Selected samples
Tales from the Red Pump

Red Pump Beginnings
(pages 1-2)

Best of Show
(pages 30-34)

Ice Lemon
(pages 113-116)

Audio samples
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Audio books & print
volumes 2 and 3 of
Tales from the Red Pump

are in progress.

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