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Can one place hold all your dreams? The Lake Superior Northland is that place for Thomas Wayne King. For him and his family, this land of eagle skies, clear cold lakes and streams, and ancient deep forests is the best place on earth. 

Thomas tells and teaches of this place through his writings and music. He focuses on the ancient, rugged land he loves; this place of which he and his family for over six generations are so much a part.  Thomas tells authentic stories of the North, weaving facts, fun, and history into his tales, original songs, and instrumental music about true northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario, and Michigan. He speaks for and about the Northland; this challenging, breath-taking region surrounding Lake Superior, the greatest of the Great Lakes. 

With his eclectic, multi-talented group of artists, NORTHrhyme, Thomas performs concerts of the north, featuring modern and historical tales, as well as new music and songs. “We always hope our written words,
along with our original songs and instrumentals, help others learn about and fall in love with our incredible Northland.” he writes.

Thomas lives his creativity near the ancient shores, portages, wilderness trails, and canoe routes of Upper St. Croix Lake, not far from Lake Superior in northwestern Wisconsin. As the great grandson of  early pioneer settlers and indigenous peoples, and of original post-Civil-War homesteaders of northern Wisconsin, Thomas celebrates this Northland paradise every day. He and Debra revel in the active, outdoor Northland life throughout all seasons. They share their joy of this place in fresh, fun, insightful, and often poignantly beautiful words, songs, and music.

In his career, Thomas is the author of several professional texts, including Assistive Technology: Essential Human Factors (1998, Allyn & Bacon, Boston) and Modern Morse Code in Rehabilitation and Education: New Applications in Assistive Technology (2000, Allyn & Bacon, Boston). He is also author of the assistive technology chapter in the textbook Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management (Riddick-Grisham, ed., 2004, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL; revised 2011 edition in progress). He is author/composer, co-author/co-composer, and producer of two CD music collections, Starlight Dolphin (1999), and Aardvarks & Angels (2001). Thomas has written and/or presented well over two hundred works in his career in assistive technology, rehabilitation professions, and literacy access, and is professor emeritus, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.

Thomas' newest book, Tales from the Red Pump, is the first in a three-volume series. His inaugural volume of Tales travels through over 130 years of authentic Northland lore, teaching us through stories of this rugged land and its human and natural transitions. He also tells of his European, Canadian, and Metis family's adventures and challenges in their adopted homeland of the Lake Superior region, over portions of three centuries and two millenia. Thomas' descriptive, detailed Tales from the Red Pump offers wide-ranging, memorable glimpses of human and natural history in our unique, changing northern environment. His keen appreciation of  Northland perspectives, both human and wild, extends to all his writings, music, and performances. Thomas Wayne King celebrates this most incredible of places on our planet, the true Lake Superior Northland. 

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